Jean has a passion for helping people deal with complex government systems. Her Enrolled Agent license is issued by the Department of the Treasury and allows her to work with anyone around the world who has a US tax need. She holds a Masters of Public Administration, a Bachelors in French and International Studies, and is a certified TQM facilitator. She has worked in government programs, non-profit organizations, corporate offices, and her own business.


Jean formally created Financial Lifestyles LLC in 2006 which is dedicated to tax planning, and it is the foundation for how Jean builds client relationships. Financial Lifestyles LLC focuses on a year round relationship and encourages clients to ask questions and seek advice before making decisions that may have a tax consequence. Jean and her staff specialize in helping people deal with life transitions such as divorce and starting or closing a business.


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Tax credits in the year of divorce

Deductions & Credits

posted July 7, 2018


As you work with your divorce attorney, discussions about child custody, child support, spousal maintenance and asset division are likely to dominate the meetings.

Tax deductions in the year of divorce

Deductions & Credits

posted July 6, 2018


Divorce is challenging enough, but even when you are done, you aren’t quite done from a tax perspective. Your divorce decree should clearly direct you in some areas, such as who claims the kids.

The tax implications of accounts received from a divorce settlement

Splitting Assets

posted July 5, 2018


As you work with your divorce attorney to come to a settlement that you are comfortable with, your focus is likely to be around the amount of money you are getting.

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