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One of the benefits of using the professionals at divorcestrategies.com is that while they are all individual practitioners who work for different companies, they have worked together on cases to help clients navigate their divorce. In fact, this working relationship is one of the biggest reasons that divorcestrategies.com came into existence. Skilled practitioners found themselves helping some of the same clients.

It became fairly evident that clients wanted to have a local team of professionals in the Plano, Frisco, and surrounding Collin county areas helping them solve their problems as they were dealing with their divorce. The clients were used to dealing with a legal team but often times did not have a financial team in place. Almost by default, divorcestrategies.com was “born.” Sam, Deborah, and Jean each run their own businesses but often times find themselves working on cases together as clients want to work with professionals who are used to dealing with one another. Simply put, there is a synergy that exists between them that clients recognize and desire. Even though they may not work together for the same company they often “work together” for the same clients.

The individuals who are part of DivorceStrategies.com each have a passion to help people in their chosen professions and serve clients throughout the Plano, Frisco and surrounding cities. The calling they share is to help people who are thinking about a divorce, going through a divorce, or who have recently been divorced. Jean, Sam, and Deborah each have a story that lead them to want to help people through one of the most trying times in their lives. A lot of professionals aren’t interested in working with people when they are going through difficult times in their lives because their emotions are very raw, their tension level is often high, their trust can take longer to gain, and their situations are more complex. It takes a combination of technical skill, patience, and understanding to work with people when their lives have been turned upside down.

Divorce Attorney Information

Encircle Wealth Advisors – Sam Thornal

3004 Communications Parkway Ste 100A

Plano, TX 75093

Financial Lifestyles – Jean Schmisseur

5700 Granite Parkway Suite 200,

Granite Park Building Two

Plano, TX 75024

Thrive Mortgage – Deborah Byrd

5601 Granite Parkway Suite 550B

Plano, TX 75024